Zenbot ROV – Underwater Drone

Underwater Drone for Marine Survey, Aquatic Life Monitoring, Oceanography, Underwater Structure Inspection, and Entertainment

This underwater ROV, which is based on the BlueROV platform, can dive up to 100m and stream HD video to the monitoring station on the ground or on a boat. Powerful thrusters and advanced attitude control system enable stable manoeuvres and data collection under various conditions.

Additional sensors such as sonar and various aquatic sensors can be mounted, as well as manipulators and sample collection mechanisms for underwater surveying.

We can also provide VR/AR interactive tourist attraction and edutainment solution on top of the ROV for use in aquariums and waterfront venues.


Size 457 mm ×338 mm × 254 mm
Weight About 11 kg (including ballast)
Max Depth 100 m
Horiz. Speed 1 m/s (2 knots)
Thrusters 6 thrusters (4 horizontal, 2 vertical)
Battery Life 1 – 3 hrs (with 18,000mAh battery. Varies based on conditions.)

Additional Equipments

Camera HD 1080p
Lense 110 deg. FOV
Gimbal 1 axis  180 degrees (tilt only, not stabilized)
Communication Digital Video + Telemetry
Tether Cable up to 100m of 7.6mm, neutral buoyancy 4UTP (8 core) caable
Lights 2 units (1500 lumen)
Battery 18,000 mAh

Operator Console

GCS PC or Tablet
Input Joystick
Communication 2 wire, long distance communication module (80 Mbps Ethernet)