Custom Drone Solutions

Custom Drone Solution Development

  • Drone System Design and Integration
  • Custom Hardware (Chassis / Power Train / Avionics / Peripheral) Development
  • Custom Software (On-Board / GCS / Backend / Application) Development
  • Operation Flow Optimization for Vertical Applications
  • Drone Business and Technical Consulting

Complete Drone System Design and Integration

We design complete drone systems using the best hardware, software, as well as the best operational practices, in order to provide the most efficient and elegant solutions to our industrial customers. We won’t sell you a drone. We will build a complete drone solution for you.

  • Unlike most “drone” companies, our products are not limited to multicopters. We can help you chose the best vehicle for solving your problem
  • We use the most advanced drone control systems that are completely expandable, flexible and efficient
  • Based on decades of experience operating drones and UAV’s professionally, our system incorporates loads of operational best practices and know-how’s

Open Source

We leverage the power of open source hardware and software to minimize the development time and cost.

  • Hardware: Pixhawk / PX4 / PXF / Various Clones
  • Software: ArduPilot (Copter/Plane/Rover/Sub) / PX4 Native Stack / ROS
  • In addition to GPS/Waypoint, we can augment flight autonomy using Sonar, LiDAR, Beacon, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, etc.
  • Autonomous Missions with safety mechanisms such as failsafe, failover, and recovery built in

Best Vehicle for the Job

We can design and build any type of un-manned vehicle that matches your business needs based on such criteria as: heavy-lift, long-range, endurance-flight, precision-flight, redundancy and safety, weatherproof, etc.

  • Multicopters
  • Single-rotor Helicopters
  • VTOL Airplanes / Fixed-wing Airplanes
  • ROV’s/Boats/Submarines
  • Rovers


We can optimize every aspect of drone systems including the hardware spec, software functions, and operation flow.

  • “Just Enough” air frame configuration to minimize operation stress, cost, and risk associated with flying large rigs
  • PC, Tablet or Smart Phone based Ground Control Software that fits your use case
  • Seamless peripheral and external/backend system integration
  • Multitude of communication options for telemetry, FPV, LTE, and mesh networks
  • Efficient operation flow verified by professional drone pilots
  • Integrated systems that take the itch out of daily operations so that you can focus on your business


The Best Vehicle for the Job


For Spraying, Dusting, and Long-range Logistic Applications
Helicopters are inherently more efficient than multicopters and can carry heavier payloads over longer distances, thus they are better suited for heavier payloads, long-range delivery, and dusting and spraying. We can build helicopters of various sizes matching your application. We can also build gas-powered helicopters with an order of magnitude longer flight times and area coverage compared to a typical multi-rotor drone. Our helicopters come with flight assist functions as well as fully autonomous GPS waypoint mission capabilities.


For Underwater Survey, Inspection and Monitoring
Underwater ROV’s can dive to the depth of more than 100m and stream HD video to the monitoring station above the surface. Powered with powerful thrusters and sophisticated on-board controller, our ROV, which is currently based on the BlueROV platform, can stabilize itself and manoeuvre under various conditions and collect useful data. In addition to the HD camera, we can add various underwater sensors, manipulators or a water sampler. We can also build custom ROV’s and solutions that can match your needs, including customizing the control software for specialized applications, including survey, monitoring or entertainment like an interactive tourist attraction at an aquarium.


For Aerial Filming, Inspection, and Other Narrow-area Precision-Flights
For Aerial Filming, Inspection, and Other Narrow-area Precision-Flights
Multicopters are best suited for short-flights where precision maneuverability is crucial. We can develop multicopters in various frame sizes and lift capabilities with customized functions that best suits your needs. We can also implement custom payload and flight control logic so your application doesn’t have to be limited to existing functionalities.

In Development: VTOL

For Precision Agriculture, Wide-area Survey, Inspection and Search
For Precision Agriculture, Wide-area Survey, Inspection and Search
VTOL aircrafts can take-off vertically just like a multicopter or a helicopter, but they are inherently more efficient because they have fixed wings that provides lift. VTOL aircrafts can easily cover more than 10x the area compared to multirotors of comparable size. VTOL’s are best suited for wide area and long-range survey and monitoring. We can build custom applications for precision agriculture, mining, as well as general search and monitoring.




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